Rehabilitation products

Introduction and purchase

Biothermored Moist Heating Pad

This electric heating pad can be heated to a maximum of 75 degrees, which can improve chronic swelling and inflammation, relax and tighten muscles, and then reduce pain. The inner cushion is made of biochemical ceramics, which can release far infrared rays when heated, and accelerate blood circulation. The outer coat can absorb moisture in the air, which will produce moisture after heating, so that the heat can penetrate deeper into the subcutaneous tissue, and can also reduce skin dryness, itching or sensitivity caused by heat evaporation of water from the epidermis.


It can be heated in microwave oven

Hyperthermia: relieve muscle and joint pain, low back pain or menstrual discomfort

Cold treatment: reduce the swelling of injured muscles, cool down; relieve headache, toothache and slight burns


1. It can relieve the pain and has no side effects

2. Beautiful appearance design with hard outer layer

3. The opening and closing design can ensure the function of anti touch setting

Exercise Band

1. Exercise belt can provide unique resistance movement

2. This product has different resistance and is distinguished by color

3. It can improve muscle ability, range of joint motion and coordinate different muscle tissues

4. Suitable for upper and lower limbs, including rehabilitation of shoulder joint and knee joint


1. 應用於臏骨之下,將肌腱加上適當壓力及承托臏骨

2. 協助改善膝部活動,以減輕痛楚


1. 獨特 “氣墊式” 設計給手肘最大的壓力

2. 在肌腱上加上壓力用以幫助減輕網球手問題的痛楚



1. 三個漸進式強度適合不同人士使用

2. 適用於一般辦公室人員、電腦繪圖員、設計師等,預防患上因長時間使用鍵盤及滑鼠的腕管綜合症、彈弓手、手骨關節炎

3. 舒緩腕管綜合症、彈弓手、手骨關節炎等手部痛症引伸的關所疼痛、關節僵硬、拇指根疼痛等問題


此貼由Permagel™水凝膠物料所製造,有極高的黏貼性及舒適性。 適用於多款電療止痛機。