Hur Equipment


HUR equipment

Function introduction of fitness equipment

Each of the 11 sets of instruments has its own functions. According to different needs, the body parts are trained Including upper and lower limbs, core muscle and cardiopulmonary function, providing comprehensive training


-Evaluate by authoritative standard test Assess fall risk crisis and prevent falls

-Improve focus shifting through interesting interactions Ability and balance

-Dynamic game for balance training, so that training Full of fun

02Turn your back

-Strengthen the abdominal and back muscles

-Improve low back pain

03Push Up / Pull Down

-Strengthen shoulder and back muscles

-Improve shoulder and neck pain

04Dip / Shrug

-Strengthen shoulder, back and arm muscles

-Helps maintain good posture

05Leg Ext / Curl

-Strengthen the front and rear thigh muscles

-Improve knee pain

06Chest press

-Strengthen chest and arm muscles

-Strengthen the upper limbs

07Hip Adduction / Abduction

-Strengthen the inner and outer thigh muscles

-Improve balance and incontinence

08Abdomen / Back

-Strengthen abdominal and back muscles

-Improve low back pain

09Leg Press

-Strengthen big and small leg muscles

-Improve balance and walking ability

10Recumbent Bike

-Strengthen the muscle endurance of lower limbs

-Improve cardiopulmonary function

11Rehab Treadmill

-Enhance myocardial endurance

-Improve balance and walking ability