Physical therapy

Physical therapy

  • Professional treatment team, with rich experience and professional qualifications

  • The environment is well-equipped, providing one-stop rehabilitation treatment services, such as ultrasonic treatment, interference wave treatment Spinal traction treatment,
    Cold and heat therapy, acupuncture, manipulation and exercise therapy

  • Short scheduling time, clear and appropriate charges

  • It can effectively improve the following symptoms: - treatment of all kinds of pain (shoulder, neck and back pain, neuralgia and muscle strain, etc.) - joint muscle problems (scapulohumeral periarthritis, tennis elbow, intervertebral disc and joint degeneration, etc.) - sports trauma (fracture, muscle ligament tear, tendon inflammation, etc.) - other problems: rehabilitation treatment of osteoporosis, cardiopulmonary function training, stroke and Parkinson's disease - please call or make an appointment in person with the reference letter of Hong Kong Western medicine

    *The center is a medical service provider who has registered medical voucher service. The elderly are welcome to use the medical voucher